Chicago Geek Breakfast

Organizers: Nicholas Young, Susan Young

A Geek Breakfast is a monthly community-driven meeting for local (and visiting) geeks. Each month attendees congregate over bacon, eggs and plenty of coffee to discuss topics like social media, digital marketing, design, programming, and ways to better their communities.

In the past, “geeks” were often technology-minded - and while this is still partially true - the term has been almost completely redefined. Now, anyone passionate enough about their hobbies or career can, and should be, considered a geek. It takes guts to live life out-loud, passionate and unashamed - to be a pioneer in any field. These are the geeks of today - and this Breakfast is a melting pot for everyone’s talents and interests.

We meet every third Thursday, 7:30 AM at Wow Bao State/Lake. They have plenty of space (at least for now), and the vibe is undeniably cool. If you’ve got something to share, or are just incredibly passionate about what you do for a living or as a hobby - come out and hang with us. There’s always a seat, and a cup of coffee with your name on it.

Group Members (See all 98)

    • Kennie E.
    • Matt P.
    • Eric M.
    • Steven S.
    • Nizar S.
    • Brent S.